Lucknow Literary Festival

The Lucknow Literary Festival is an initiative of LUCKNOW Society that acknowledges new literary talents, honors our legends, while restoring literary tradition of the past, Lucknow’s own unique heritage and also evoking the newer generation’s interest. The event is also replete with entertainment for the literary taste. Lucknow Literary Festival is, by far, India’s only literary festival organized solely on the independent efforts and endeavors of a youth organization with an average team age of 24 years.

The Lucknow Literary Festival has been adorned with sundry of well – known names and faces that not only grace the event with their presence but also share their experiences, their insights with young and old alike.

While, on one hand, the Lucknow Literary Festival has become a hub of the glitz from all across the country, it also dawns the light upon Lucknow’s own talent and gives them a stage to showcase themselves in our cultural programs.

And then of course, there are books !!



Lucknow society, aims to preserve, promote and resurrect the inimitable culture and heritage of the city of nawabs, revive its past magnificence as it affects a modern grace. ‘Let’s Unite for Culture, Knowledge, Nationalism and Objective Welfare of Society’ –each character of the christening contains the fervor of commitment to the cause. Headed by a band of zealous lucknowites, the society came into force on 25th April 2011 sanctioned under the Societies Registration Act (Act XXI of 1860) . In the four years following its momentous conception, it has worked ardently as a restorative of the city’s primal pride, acting as a crucial channel between governmental and non-governmental organizations, individual crusaders of its cause. Cultural pursuits have been redeemed from fading ruins of remembrance and records. Poets, writers, warriors, places, customs, the arts and a quintessential people all celebrated and deemed with dignity and respect that is their due.  Raising and revealing to the youth the soul of the city, its true and inspiring legacy and the onus that rests on them to uplift and sustain its cultural and social renovation, has been one of its essential occupation. Up, Aware and rooted in its regal inheritance that is the society’s goal for the city’s imminent heirs.