Book Launch : ‘Hala Hala Nip’ by Appu Pen

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‘Hala Hala NIP’ by Appu Pen is a dark, comic ride through a mythical world and through different periods in its history – from the long-gone Oberian Age to the dystopian era of dome-cities. Appu Pen is a comic creator and artist who tells stories from his mythical world, ‘Halahala’. Appu Pen is a Malayalam word and the name George Mathen adopts while writing about Halahala. In this book he writes about a fictional universe starting from the beginning of time. He traces time into an immediate future to which people can relate to. This graphic novel tries to hint at various issues of life through its characters and the situation they are in. The narration has been done with the help of mainly pictures segmented into connected short stories leaving it to the reader to interpret them. George got the name of his mythical world while reading an Amar Chitra Katha in which Shiva churns the oceans to rid them of poison….the poison that emerges is Halahala. Anupam Sinha did the honours of book launch.


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