Social Network : The New Age Mantra

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Pankaj Srivastava, Pankaj Umrania & Himanshu Bajpayee in conversation with Mayank Saxena explored the world of social media as to what are the cautions, promises, new horizons that await us? Perhaps no topic in technology attracted more attention in last decade than the rise of social media and its potential impact on the youth’s behavior. The World saw a toppling of regimes, election campaigns, corporate recruitments, exam preparations, romance, friendships, music, social work, awareness programs, abuse, crap and whats not on this social network. It is believed that if searching for news was the most important development of the last decade, sharing news may be among the most important of the next. The new age aspires to move into an open world riding on this social media. What are the cautions, promises, new horizons that await us? Mr Himanshu Bajpai preferred to look at the brighter side as he commented, “Facebook has provided an ideal platform for exchange of idea. Without any inhibition one can put across his arguments, thoughts and supporting facts. This is a good sign for a free thinking society.”


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