Urdu Shayri Mein Lucknow Ka Maqaam

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Sharib Rudalvi, Malikzada Manzoor Ahmed & Anees Ashfaq in conversation with Reshma Parveen made illuminous panel which discussed the impact of Lucknow in Urdu language, born in North India and flourished in many parts of the country. Lucknow is a prominent place which has contributed immensely in Urdu’s rich literature. Lucknow School of Urdu Poetry is considered to be the most impactful version in terms of language & essence. Anees Ashfaq emphasized the remarkable contribution of the Nawabs for giving patronge & the poets highlighted two aspects which are sophistication of culture & sophistication of language. Lucknow’s contribution in every aspect of poetry is remarkable and that is applicable in prose also. Da’wa Zabaan Ka Lucknow Walo Ke Samne, Izhaar Boo-e Mushq Ghazalo Ke Saamne. Malikzada Manzoor Ahmed laid emphasis on the comparision of the language of Delhi with Lucknow and how the history also played an important role when Delhi was declining and Lucknow was emerging. The role of Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb is prominent since ages in this region and the beauty of language & love is evident in the poetry here, Sharib Rudaulvi explained the historical fact. He added that Taraqqi Pasand Tehreek ( Progressive Writers Movement ) was started in Lucknow and it refined many languages in India ! Eik Zara Aap Ko Zehmat Hogi, Aap Ke Paon Ke Neche Dil Hai. Reshma Parveen presented appropriate sher on each of the questions & highlights, thus making it a great literary session. Awara, the nazm of Majaz is one of the best nazm of Urdu Poetry. Shaher Ki Raat Aur Mein Nashad-o Nakara Phiru, Jagmagati Jagti Sadko Pe Awara Phiru, Ghair Ki Basti Hai Kab Tak Dar-ba Dar Mara Phiru, Ae Ghame Dil Kia Karu Ae Wehshat-e Dil Kia Karu !


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