Wajid Ali Shah

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Amir Mohd Amir Sulaiman Khan, Asif Ali Mirza, Roshan Taqui, Amaresh Mishra in conversation with Veena Talwar Oldenburg explored the most loved ruler of Awadh, a visionary who pioneered a nation on secular, artistic and progressive foundations. The last nawab of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah remains an elusive personality even today. There lied numerous personalities behind that twirled mustache and one finds a new facet of the man behind every skill he possessed. How did a dancer, poet, playwrite and a patron of numerous art forms balanced the act of a compassionate administrator? Raja Mehmoodabad explained that Britishers were on their plan and way to annex Awadh and so the allegations were framed to defame the ruler. Wajid Ali Shah was the true reresentative of the Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb and this was alarming for the Britishers as their philosophy was Divide And Rule, Amaresh Mishra added the point in discussion. Asif Ali Mirza informed us that Wajid Ali Shah is the author of 117 books and his personality was full of various aspects related to art & literature. His popularity and his contributions in various fields were explained by Roshan Taqui. Veena Talwar Oldenburg highlighted the fact that the Ramayana was being translated into Urdu under the patronage of the King and he was very interested in the subject of Lord Krishna – Radha. Naseer Uddin Shah, as an audience ask the question about the relevance of the film Shatranj Ke Khiladi by Satyajit Ray and Asif Ali Mirza answered that one has to see the movie in great detail to capture the greatness of the Jaan-e Aalam ! Anees Ashfaq, again as an audience added a point that Wajid Ali Shah is credited with the 1st drama of Urdu langauge ! Raja Mehmoodabad demanded a subject of Awadh History in Lucknow University and some institutions in name of the Great King Wajid Ali Shah !


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