Women Empowerment : Right to Expression

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Tere Maathe Pe Yeh Aanchal Bahut Hi Khoob Hai Lekin,
Tu Is Aanchal Se Ek Parcham Bana Leti To Achchha Tha!
– Majaz Lakhnawi

Known for ada and adab, Lucknow gave this clarion call long ago for women empowerment. And if this century is remembered for anything in distant future, it will be remembered for the freedom of expression and the evolving women! As one of the inaugural sessions of Lucknow Literary Festival, eminent theatre personality Dolly Thakore and social activist and educationist Prof. Roop Rekha Verma joined journalist and writer Saba Naqvi to ponder over Women Empowerment and Right to Expression. Prof. Verma remarked, “Ease of expression is certainly a powerful tool to curb crime against fairer sex. It is normalization of small violences that actually culminates into heinous crimes against women. Implementation of right to expression, thus, yields empowerment.”


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