Avadhi : Kal Aaj Aur Kal

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Padma Shri Bekal Utsahi in conversation with Yogesh Praveen & Amrendra Tripathi hosted three generations of Avadhi in the celebrated discussion on Avadhi. In a soulful conversation in fluent Avadhi, Bekal Utsahi talked about the adaptability of the age old language which is evident in works of great from Malik Mohammad Jayasi to Tulsidas. Yogesh Parveen lauded how everyday phrases and idioms of Avadhi complimented our life. Amarendra Tripathi lamented that inspite of being older to Hindi, Avadhi has been reduced to a mere dialect and not a language in general understanding. A youngman in the audience expressed joy over attending a full session in Avadhi and asked young generation present to recognize the language so close to our roots !