Book Launch ‘A Leaf Turns Yellow’ By Muzaffar Ali

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‘A Leaf Turns Yellow’ by Muzaffar Ali is a coffee table book with very readable account of sufism in (erstwhile) Awadh. Lucknow’s very own gentleman with an array of interests from cinema, poetry, music, painting, drama, costumes and sufism. His life is a constant journey of self-discovery, in whatever he does and in whichever medium he chooses. There is a constant quest to unravel the mysteries of life and to find a long-term solution to worldly strife and anguish. His interest in sufism has lead to the musical performance Jahan-e Khusrau a tribute to the sufism with beautiful compositions. ‘A Leaf Turns Yellow’ is an omnibus on the sufi traditions in India and more specifically in Awadh. It introduces to the reader the history, traditions, sub cultures, institutions and poetry of sufism in the Awadh region. The approach in the book is equally multidisciplinary and the book invites the reader to join a conversation regarding self – discovery ! Qamar Rehman, Mehru Jaffer, Jayant Krishna joins him for the book launch !